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Things I would say to my mother

I saw a post recently and it was captioned: “Things I Would Ask My Mother” suggesting a list of questions we might conside

r asking now rather than later. Since my mother went to heaven almost 10 years ago, the questions don’t seem as important as the words I never said. Here are a few on my list:

  1. Thank you for being my cheerleader and advocate. Whether it was convincing Dad I was responsible enough at 12 to wear contact lenses or taking me to Weight Watchers at 16 when I asked for a plan, you were always there. Later, you supported me through the hard years of single mothering. You were my biggest champion at every stage of life.

  2. You gave us freedom to grow and boundaries for safety…in the sixties! The freedoms gave me a love for roller coasters and the boundaries made me a little overprotective of my own family, but they’re all thriving. Thanks for both.

  3. I wish I’d paid more attention to your holiday tablescapes. You would show me each one at the beginning of a new season and I never really raved over them, but you’d love to see how I now try to emulate you in this way. Holidays are more special because of how you taught me to welcome and celebrate each season of life.

  4. Your bright smile, cheery voice, and giving spirit has made you a legend in our family. Even your great-grandkids who never got to know you, know about ‘the kindness of Nana’. You might have never run a company or spoken in public or written a book, but you left a legacy of selfless love.

  5. I’m sorry for making you take 10,000+ steps at Disney World when you were 74. On a recent trip to Studios, I was struggling a bit to keep up with our daughter when we passed this location. Suddenly, I had a flashback of you standing in front of this shop and knew I had to have my picture taken. On our return home, I searched for the photo only to realize you were seven years older than I am today! You walked every park on that trip with us and never complained or slowed down. BTW, fanny packs are back in! You knew before we did.

These are just a few of the things I would say to my mother. Do you have unspoken words you would say to yours? My daughters are all great at sharing encouragement and I treasure their words - whether it’s in a text, a card or in person.

Maybe you can start a list now to give yours for Mother’s Day. I promise it will bless her more than jewelry or flowers or a gift card. It’s so affirming and life-giving.

If your mother has already passed to heaven like mine, maybe this list will prompt you to write your own. It’s a great way to appreciate the little things they did for us and place great value on the big ones.

“Encourage [affirm] one another daily, as long as it is ‘today’, so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God.” Hebrews 3:13 NIV

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