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Take the 30-day prayer challenge with me!

Not sure about you, but sometimes my prayer life becomes weak or stagnant. Life gets busy and my prayers turn into empty phrases repeated without meaning. Or maybe I haven’t seen answers to a longstanding prayer and I’ve distanced myself from God without even knowing it. Maybe you’ve never experienced hearing or seeing God answer your prayers and you thought that was for others and not for you. This is where I’ve seen using the ASK (Ask-Seek-Knock) model of prayer most effective. Every time I’ve initiated this exercise (like a workout because it strengthens our prayer muscle), it’s brought strength and resilience to my prayer life. It is based on Matthew 7:7:

“Ask and it will be given to you, Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened.”

Here are a few reminders about how to take the 30-day challenge:

  • Grab a few index cards and on one side of each card write the Matthew 7:7 verse

  • On the flip side of each card, write the one area you are praying about. It can be anything you need God’s insight or change or help with, but it helps if it’s for you personally. I’ve found that praying for others (intercession) is not the same when you begin to Seek and Knock. For example, you might be praying for one of your children to change, but an ASK prayer would be “Help me know how to parent this child”.

  • Post the cards anywhere you will see them regularly, showing only the Matthew 7:7 side.

  • For 30 days, release this area to God and set aside all worry or anxiety. Trust in His promises over this concern or need, but do not dwell on the problem.

  • During the 30 days, continue to Ask but also Seek. Look for ways God is working or doors He is opening for you to walk through. Be open to new solutions He is providing.

  • Knock. This means we pray persistently, without giving up or becoming discouraged.

From February 10th- March 10th, I’ll be praying my own ASK and will be encouraging you on my feed at Instagram @debhopper. I would love to hear from you as God moves or answers in your life, so please email me or dm me. There is power when two or more are praying, so grab a prayer buddy (but know that I am praying for you too.) He has told us many times in His word to just Ask, so let’s do it! Reply below and let me know you’re joining me!

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