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Take a Shower You’ll Feel Better

I've been asked many times before this question, “What are some of your parenting tips for raising strong daughters?” I’m usually at a loss for words because, beyond prayer and grace, I didn’t have any solid parenting strategies. During my single mom years with Katie and Jess, I was totally dependent on God to give me tips and redirects. Later when we were a blended family and had Caroline, I was constantly outrunning my headlights to keep up with tots and teens. Of course, there were parenting courses and books and small groups that helped at each stage, but I was always more of a tough love and hands-off mom than a nurturing one. The girls love to remind me that no matter what was wrong with them, my advice was usually “Take a shower, you’ll feel better.” Sickness, boyfriend problems, mean girls, or failing grades…my answer was the same. Ok well, maybe not with failing grades. That always came with consequences and contracts. But as silly as that sounds, isn’t self-care one of the best things we can do? If I’m feeling low, wandering into discouragement, or finding myself in a pit, doing a new or different thing to feel better physically will also help my mental state. I have also been known to say to the daughters “when you can’t change your life, change your hairstyle”. There’s nothing like a fresh haircut to make me feel as if I can change the world! Maybe you’re also working on your finances (it IS January after all) so scheduling a spa day isn’t in the budget right now. Here are a few low-cost ideas for self-care that work for me:

  • Take a friend and visit your local cosmetics store. You don’t have to book a session, just walk around and try some new products. Experiment with a different color palette or ask one of the experts to show you their favorites. I’m visiting Sophora this week with a friend to get tips on new ways to accent our eyes.

  • Go on a walk in a different environment, with new views. Many of us have low Vitamin D and especially during this winter season, getting outside will feed our skin and our souls. Greenways or parks are great for this, but I especially like anywhere with a different view from my daily routine.

  • Change your shower or bathing routine. If you shower at night, try mornings for a few days or vice versa. If you always shower, try soaking in the tub with Epsom salts and a candle, and music. Sometimes my routine becomes a rut and simply changing it up brings new life. Try a new bath gel or shower bomb. Ask a friend about their favorite products.

I don’t think that taking a shower will fix problems, heal heartaches, or magically set us (or our children) on the right path. But sometimes, it is a way of lightening the mood, taking the pressure off of having the perfect answer, or just doing the first thing first. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go take one now!

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